By David Landau

Music & Lyrics by Nikki Stern

Directed by Kymn Hargraves

Welcome back to Cafe Noir, a forties detective story come to life on the forgotten island of Mustique, a place stuck in the black and white era. Featuring “Just Plain” Rick, Cafe manager, who, finding himself in financial trouble, has hired a singer and opened a photo display of “300 years of shady business” at the cafe to increase business. In comes an American detective looking for a murderess but stumbling across a gangster on the lam, a beautiful French historian and a British lawyer with a desire to go night diving. When the murderess ends up dead and the cop is implicated in the murder, it’s “Just Plain” Rick (and the guests in the audience) who must help him out of the jam by uncovering the real killer. Meanwhile, the gangster has assumed the mortgage for the Cafe Noir and plans on setting up his operations there, and everyone seems to be after something that sunk off the coast of Mustique in 1945. Sit back, order a tropical drink, and join us for this comedy/mystery tribute to the Bogart era.

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