Texas was never this fun – or this deadly! Jonas Carmody, President and Founder of Carmody Oil, is dead of natural causes at the age of 78, leaving an estate valued in excess of $30 million. The heirs apparent are in for a big surprise when they gather together with his friends and business associates for a memorial dinner in his honor. Unbeknownst to his eccentric family, a surprise reading of the will is on the menu, and murder is certain to be a la mode! As the story unfolds and the family unravels, it seems everybody wants more than their fair share. But who is willing to kill for it? The prim and proper step-daughter? The greedy, ne’er-do-well brother? The hot-shot lawyer? The underpaid security guard? Or the floozy girlfriend? In this hilarious mystery/comedy, author Lisa Patrick-Wilkinson brings to life a host of colorful characters and interactive fun. Audience members are encouraged to come in Texas attire, and will team up with the detective to crack clues, obtain evidence and ultimately help solve the crime committed before their very eyes!

By Lisa Patrick-Wilkinson

An Audience Participation Murder/Comedy Mystery


The Mill Amphitheater – Villa Rica – Saturday (show 8:00 PM) – 7/25

Olive Tree – Villa Rica – Saturday (doors 6:30 PM | show 7:00 PM) – 8/15 & 8/29

Olive Tree – Villa Rica – Sunday (doors 3:30 pm | show 4:00 pm) – 8/2 & 8/9

Olive Tree – Hiram – Saturday (doors 6:30 PM | show 7:00 PM) –  8/8 & 8/22

Location & Directions: Olive Tree – Hiram, Olive Tree – Villa Rica, & The Mill Amphitheater – Villa Rica

Ticket Info

Tickets for Olive Tree include full course dinner, beverage, dessert, tip, and the play for $36 (+ tax).

Tickets for The Mill Amphitheater are $10 for lawn seats, $15 for reserved seats at tables, and $90 to reserve a table for 6 (+tax) with refreshments available.